Nigeria Bond Fund

About the Fund
The Nigeria Bond Fund objective is to achieve regular and steady income generation, capital preservation and maximization of investment returns. The Fund provides long-term growth by investing in a select diversified portfolio of investment grade bonds and money market instruments.

Who is it for?
The fund is suitable for investors with a low risk appetite, interested in capital preservation and a steady income on your portfolio.


  • Low risk exposure: Competitive returns without taking on undue risks
  • Earn income: Earn regular annual income
  • Principal Preservation: The capital you invest is safe
  • Diversification: Access diversified investments in bonds and money market instruments
  • Security: Experienced fund managers with a track record since 1994

Fund Asset Allocation

Asset Class Minimum Allocation Maximum Allocation
Bonds (FGN, Corporate, Sub-National etc.) 70% 100%
Money Market and Others 0% 30%
Cash and Cash Equivalent 0% 5%

Fund Terms

  • Minimum Investment amount of N5,050
  • Additional Contribution in multiples of N1,010
  • Minimum holding period of 90 days

Fund Features

  • Annual distribution
  • Ease of entry and exit to the fund
  • Capital preservation
  • SEC registered

Fund Rating – Bond Fund

  • The Fund Manager has a rating of “A(IM)” from Agusto & Co.

How to Invest
To subscribe to the Nigeria Bond Fund;
Please download application here and send to
For more information, download prospectus here or call 0700 CHAPEL HILL (0700 242 735 4455)