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Nigeria Bond Fund

About the Fund
The Nigeria Bond Fund objective is to achieve regular and steady income generation, capital preservation and maximization of investment returns. The Fund provides long-term growth by investing in a select diversified portfolio of investment grade bonds and money market instruments.

Who is it for?
The fund is suitable for investors with a low risk appetite, interested in capital preservation and a steady income on your portfolio.


  • Low risk exposure: Competitive returns without taking on undue risks
  • Earn income: Earn regular annual income
  • Principal Preservation: The capital you invest is safe
  • Diversification: Access diversified investments in bonds and money market instruments
  • Security: Experienced fund managers with a track record since 1994

Fund Asset Allocation

Asset Class Minimum Allocation Maximum Allocation
Bonds (FGN, Corporate, Sub-National etc.) 70% 100%
Money Market and Others 0% 30%
Cash and Cash Equivalent 0% 5%

Fund Terms

  • Minimum Investment amount of N5,050
  • Additional Contribution in multiples of N1,010
  • Minimum holding period of 90 days

Fund Features

  • Annual distribution
  • Ease of entry and exit to the fund
  • Capital preservation
  • SEC registered

Fund Rating – Bond Fund

  • The Fund Manager has a rating of “A(IM)” from Agusto & Co.

How to Invest
To subscribe to the Nigeria Bond Fund;
Please download application here and send to info@chapelhilldenham.com
For more information, download prospectus here or call 0700 CHAPEL HILL (0700 242 735 4455)

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    Unit Holder's Bank Account Details

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    Fund Statement

    Please note that a fund statement will be issued as evidence for your investment. All application should be accompanied with the following:

    1 recent passport photograph

    A valid means of identification for each individual (National ID card, International passport, Voter's Card, Driver's license or Birth Certificate

    Proof of residence (Utility bill within three months, Bank Statement or Current Tenancy Agreement/Receipt)